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Welcome to The Book of Wealth!

I first became intrigued with “The Book of Wealth” by Hubert Howe Bancroft when I was studying to become a Life Coach. I was advised that, if ever I came across a copy of Bancroft’s book, that I should buy it. However, as the book was extremely rare, any such encounter was likely highly improbable!

Never one to be daunted by such a challenge, I began my search for The Book of Wealth. In my ignorance, I genuinely did noy realise how difficult it would be, for an ordinary person such as myself to get hold of a copy.

Fast forward several years and I finally managed to get hold of The Book of Wealth pdf. Whilst this might not quite be the same as a physical copy, it is probably the closest that the vast majority of us will be to actually owning a copy.

The more that I researched The Book of Wealth, the more I became fascinated with Hubert Bancroft and other great writers of the same era. They uncovered and documented so much information that is today being promoted by many self styled modern guru’s. None of this information is actually new. It is hundreds if not thousands of years old. But perhaps it is only now that we are finally prepared to listen and implement these teachings.

Thanks for visiting and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about Hubert Bancroft, the man, the publisher and entrepreneur!