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The Book of Wealth pdf is now available to purchase online at a nominal cost. When The Book of Wealth was first published in 1896 the first or cygne noir edition sold for a staggering $2,500 per copy. The second or fin de siecle edition cost a mere $1,000 per copy. Due to the scarcity of these books, they always command a high price at auction.

George H. Derby – Letter Of Introduction for Hubert Bancroft 1852

George H. Derby’s Letter Of Introduction For Hubert Bancroft

In 1852, Hubert Bancroft‘s brother-in-law, George H. Derby, wrote a letter of introduction for Bancroft, prior to his departure from Buffalo, New York, to California.

In his letter, Derby recommends Bancroft as being;

“capable honest, willing, industrious, virtuous, & in every way well calculated for a Pioneer in any Country, & especially in a new one, where these good qualities could be used to a good advantage.”

Hubert Bancroft’s Business Card

On 24 February 1852, Bancroft left New York by steamer and arrived in San Francisco on 1 April.

George H. Derby had entrusted Bancroft with an important consignment of books and stationery to sell.

While waiting for the shipment to arrive, Hubert Bancroft and his good friend, George L. Kenny, worked at a quartz mine at Long Bar and a general merchandise store in Rich Bar.

Bancroft also visited Sacramento where he contacted commission merchants with whom his brother-in-law had previously dealt.

Bancroft & Kenny List Of Valuable Books For Sale

Unfortunately, George H. Derby passed away on September 15, aged only 30. This left Bancroft and Kenny with the task of selling the stock as soon as quickly as possible so that Derby’s estate could be settled.

Kenny subsequently entered into partnership with William B. Cooke in San Francisco and successfully sold all of the books.

In 1856, Derby’s widow Cecilia, Bancroft’s sister, loaned Hubert Bancroft the $5,500 profit from the sale of the book consignment which he used as capital to start his own business in San Francisco.